Global Class Leaderboard

The Fourth Form French students have been leaning into new language learning tools and their diligence has paid off seeing them top online leaderboards for their French language acumen.

As soon as the accounts have been made available, Fourth Form French students have been given access to the This is School listening website. This has proven a great hit with the keen learners, given that the site allows for practising lexis via Nutty Tilez games. Ms Kotsuba's French 1 set have gained a top spot in the Leaderboard, and her student Rafi A (4ths) gained 1st place in individual effort. The This is School website contacted us on May 28th to share this wonderful news. In response, Rafi A (4ths) encouraged the class to attain a top spot on three additional occasions in the near future. Let's do it! Congratulations to all involved! 

The message from This is School reads:

I'm getting in touch to say a huge congratulations to you and your class, 9.5-23-2/Fr1 VMK, for achieving first place in our Global Class Leaderboard last week!

This was done with a class total of 14055, which is amazing to see.

Congratulations are also in order for Rafi A (4ths), who achieved top spot in our Global Student Leaderboard with a total of 4770!


And, of course, we hope to see you on the leaderboard again very soon鈥

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