Governance and 亚洲群p鈥 Company

Governance and 亚洲群p' Company

The Worshipful Company of 亚洲群p of the Fraternity of St John Baptist in the City of London (the Company) founded the school in 1561 and the 亚洲群p鈥 Educational Trust continues to be responsible to the Court of the Company for ensuring the due governance of 亚洲群p鈥 School. The Governing Body consists of representatives of the Company, figures from the world of education, the professions, business and the local community and the Chairman of the Old 亚洲群p鈥 Society. In addition, the Head Master, the Head of 亚洲群p鈥 Prep School, the Bursar, some other members of the Senior Leadership Team and a representative of the Senior Common Room attend meetings. Close links between the 亚洲群p鈥 Company and the School have helped the school prosper for 460 years and it is our most earnest wish that they continue to do so.


The following were elected Master and Wardens of the Company for the year beginning July 2023: 

Master: Mr M. C. Cole-Fontayn
First Upper Warden: Mr P. G. Magill
Second Upper Warden: Alderman N. S. F. Lyons
Upper Renter Warden: Mrs J. A. Hall
Under Renter Warden: Ms L. S. R. Gillott


Mr D. G. M. Eggar 

Ms P. Barefoot
Mr M. Bond
Mr R. J. Brooman
Mr G. B. du Parc Braham
Dr J. Cox
Commodore A. Cree CBE
Mr A. Eastwood
Mr D. Haria
Mrs S. A. Morgan 
The Hon R. H. E. Newall
Mr J. C. Oram
Ms L. E. Orr
Mr V. Paul
Mrs J. Redman 
Mr J. Twining


Head Master 
Mr S. J. Everson 

Bursar & Clerk to the Governors 
Mr I. D. Williams

Clerk to the Governors
Mr E. F. P. Valletta
Contact with the Governors should be made through the Clerk to Governors 

Head of Prep School 
Dr K. E. McNerney 

Second Master 
Mr M. C. Husbands 

Deputy Head (Academic)
Mr R. C. Garvey

Senior Common Room Member in Attendance 
Mr M. G. Hilton-Dennis

Development Director 
Mr N. J. Latham 

Clerk of 亚洲群p鈥 Company 
Rear Admiral J. R. H. Clink CBE

亚洲群p' School is regulated by the .

Address and contact details of the 亚洲群p鈥 Company

亚洲群p鈥 Company
亚洲群p鈥 Hall,
30 Threadneedle Street,
London EC2R 8JB

Tel: 02045116285

亚洲群p鈥 Educational Trust
Merchants Taylors Hall, 
30 Threadneedle Street, 
London, EC2R 8JB

Tel: 02045116299